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Your Online Success Roadmap


Welcome to Dominate Marketing ūüôā

I thought many times about which post should be the touchpoint for this blog. Even though there are many valuable posts here, I decided to write a separate general post.

The main reason for this post is to help you understand what you are about to explore in the online world.

What I’m about to discuss has happened to me and nearly to everyone working online. The majority have NOT overcome it, and they quit thinking that online marketing is a scam.

Only about 3% survive. My goal today is to give you the mindset of that 3 % and the rest is on your shoulders to implement what you learn.

Online Success Roadmap


When I thought of starting this blog, I was 99% sure that I will dedicate it to customer acquisition; mainly to traffic generation…

But I noticed something that changed my mind completely…

Most of the experts who are really legit and very successful usually target intermediate to advanced marketers in their teaching, while newcomers to digital marketing struggle to find a respectful source of applicable information.

This, in turn, leads to them being easy victims of scams and spammers.

When I started in 2007, I was in this very same position…

I was a victim of someone who sold me useless ebooks (later, I realized that these books were given to him with master resale rights which actually means they are rehashed and will not help me.)

Then I discovered a website presented by someone named Vita Vee…

This guy was the really legit person to help me online. He was generous enough to answer all my questions.

I learned a particular tactic from him, and upon my first trial using it, I made my first dollars online.

I remember this moment as if it was yesterday…

I created just one page and wrote a promotion and clicked the publish button…

When I returned home, I opened my Clickbank account expecting to see the regular ZEROs, but guess what?

I found the number 211 instead of zero. Yes, I can never forget this number…

$211 was my first ever¬†earnings from digital marketing ūüôā

I tell you this story to let you know that without someone helping me in my humble beginnings, I’d have failed miserably, and you would not be reading these words now (unfortunately, Vita Vee has closed his website, and even started another online business in another niche.)

This leads me to the idea of this blog. I want to help more people find their way online.

My Mission

In fact, I have a mission of helping 50,000 people to make a full-time income by becoming real entrepreneurs by the year 2028.

Of course, I hope the number doubles or triples, but in the worst-case scenario, this is my low-end target.

So I dedicate DominateMarketing.com to all digital marketing newbies. This doesn’t mean that all posts will be for newbies only, no, some posts will have intermediate to advanced-level tactics and strategies.

My promise to you is that the #1 rule here is transparency and respect.

And my top priority is quality over quantity…

So instead of writing many low-value daily posts, I decided to commit to writing high-quality posts no matter how long it takes or how many posts I publish.

Define Your Goals

One of the most common causes of failure online is that people don’t usually have a clear goal.

They tend to go with the wind. They¬†don’t have a plan for their actions.

The most common characteristic of those people is that they work one day, and don’t work for many others.

I know because I used to be one of those people!!

I used to wait for some external conditions to change my days. This really sucks.

The change must come from inside you…

You need to have specific goals, so you can wake up every morning with a clear mind knowing what the next step toward your target is.

Notice the word “SPECIFIC.”

Don’t say “my target is to have more clients this year”, NO, say “my target is to have X number of clients by December.”

Don’t say “I will write 4 posts this month”, NO, say “I will write 4 posts this month about a,b,c, and d.” And add the titles of the posts to your calendar.

Also for other non-business goals, don’t say “I want to lose weight this year,” say “I want to lose 20¬†lbs by the end of June.”

You got the idea.

Be realistic when you define your goals. Otherwise, you will be disappointed and frustrated when you fail to achieve them.

However, at the same time, make these goals challenging. Easy goals will get you nowhere as well as unrealistic goals.

For example, if you think losing 10 pounds in 4 months is attainable, then make your goal 15 lbs, not 10. But don’t make them 100!

Adding some milestones is also beneficial…

Don’t make all your goals deadlines by the end of the year…

You need to measure your progress along the way.

Define Your Goals


Ready, Fire, Aim

I learned this powerful concept from Michael Masterson in his book “Ready, Fire, Aim: Zero to $100 Million in No Time Flat.”

I recommend you read this book before you start your business (or now if you already have a running business.)

It’ll change your mindset as it did with many other entrepreneurs and myself.

In summary, it means you don’t need to make everything perfect before you start your business…

All you need is to have the lowest possible necessary elements, fire your business, then let your customers tell you how to improve.

Don’t think too much about every aspect of your business, just start and improve while going.

For example, some people suggest you write 30 posts before launching your blog to the public. However, I think 7-10 will be good, then let your readers tell you what matters to them most.

Maybe you write 30 posts that you think are important, but nobody cares about them…

While 3 posts requested by your readers, will drive much more value to them, and traffic to your blog, which means more money of course.

Ready. Fire. Aim


Avoid Overwhelm

Every few weeks, you’ll see a new trend. Your inbox will receive tens of emails daily enticing you to buy another product. Forums have hundreds of new topics every day.

If you leave yourself to the current, you’ll end up losing your mind.

Remember, you have goals. Will this new trend or new product help you to shorten the road to achieving these goals?

If your answer is no, then don’t even think about them.

This is a big issue for all new entrepreneurs. They believe that everything will help them reach their dreams.

We are in the ERA of information. People will send you information every few minutes.

Your brain can’t keep all the info you input to it. It will delete some, so what if this “some” is what really matters to your business?

Don’t chase every shiny object.

Again, focus on achieving your goals. This is your primary target.

Master One Thing at a Time

Bruce Lee once said, “I fear not the man who has practiced 10000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10000 times.

This is very true.

If you try every tactic of marketing, then jump to the next tactic without mastering the previous one, you will NOT master anything.

You will be another ordinary guy.

When I started in 2007, all that I focused on was SEO as the main way for traffic generation. I worked on SEO till 2013 when I exactly knew what it takes to be number 1 in search engines.

I no longer focus on SEO solely, because it takes much time and you can’t control it.

Now I focus on paid advertising…

I first focused on Facebook Ads, but now I’m more in love with Google Ads (at the time I’m writing this post.)

Either way, I dedicate all my learning time to mastering a specific skill.

Again, the word “SPECIFIC.”

Learn one skill at a time till you master it, then, and only then, you can learn another skill.

Bruce Lee Quote

Overcome Procrastination

If you don’t know, procrastination means postponing some tasks.

Of course, we all do this.

We wake up in the morning, and sit in front of our computers, thinking “let me finish this easy task first, then reflect on this hard one.”

And the end result?

This hard task never gets done on time. You postpone it to another day, then another day, and so on…

The ideal solution to avoid this goal-eater is to do the most important tasks first thing in the morning.

We always have our best concentration when we wake up. As time goes on, we are lost in the maze of life, exhausted, and can’t think in the proper way we need to finish those important hard tasks.

So always plan to complete your most important tasks first.

Mark Twain quote

This leads us to…

How to Manage Your Time

The infinite question. And the basis of tens of books and courses.

I have gone through many of them and ended with 2 powerful solutions to manage my time.

One suggested by Brendon Burchard; before you start working in the morning, plan the tasks you want to finish this day no matter what.

The second is from Brian Tracy; before you go to bed at night, plan the tasks you want to complete the next day.

I tried both. Brian’s method worked better for me. Brendon’s method worked better for other people. Try them both, and see what fits you more.

Of course, there’s much more about time management than the above 2 principles, but this is a quick help if you can’t read any time management book.

Respect Other People

You will succeed by helping other people succeed.

You’ll always find other people who have much lower knowledge than you have.

Don’t underestimate them. We all have been to this place one day.

Instead, you need to help them find the right way.

Don’t spam the hell out of them thinking that they won’t know what is good and what is not.

People are smart, and they will define you as a spammer immediately.

You’ll be the one who loses not them.

Always remember that you are talking to humans. Build a respectful relationship with them.

The rewards will be huge.

Zig Ziglar Quote

Take Action

Whatever you learn, if you don’t take action, you will NOT achieve anything.

Success doesn’t come from your comfort zone.

Get out of your comfort zone, and do what you feel is intimidating.

If you feel you don’t want to do something, this most probably means this thing is crucial to your success.

For example, I hate writing. My most intimidating task is to write a blog post ūüôā

So I usually take my laptop and go to any place I love and sit there for 2 or 3 hours and write.

What I finish in those 2 hours could take me 2 days to finish at my office or home.

Always make your work environment pleasant to you, so you can accomplish what you want.

And in the worst case scenario, if you REALLY can’t do your tasks on a particular day, just find one easy task and finish…

You will feel satisfied.

After all, your day was not entirely wasted, and you completed a small task that took you one step closer to your goals.

Don’t feel intimidated to take action. Always remember this quote by the ancient Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu…

a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”


Lao Tzu quote

It’s your turn now, Do you have any similar experience to what you just read above? What obstacles do you have? Do you still face any problems that I can help you solve? Share them in the comments section below.


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