This is ElSayed ElAssal's photo speaking in a marketing summit.

Hi, I'm ElSayed ElAssal

My name is ElSayed ElAssal (call me Sayed for ease!) I'm a husband, a father of 3 lovely daughters, and the Founder of Dominate Marketing. I've studied Medicine (yes, I'm a doctor) with a master's degree in Clinical Pathology, but since 2007, I've shifted to the online marketing world because I've fallen in love with it.

So what happened to become a digital marketer?!

From the first days of learning about the world-wide-web, I became addicted to the Internet.

I spent hours every day learning everything I see online, and the inevitable thing happened back in 2007.

My first daughter was only 7 months when I almost lost all of my money to the degree that I can’t pay my bills!!

This was very hard for me, but I’ve never given up…

I started to think about the ads I’m seeing all over the Internet, and why people are posting them on their sites. This led me to Google AdSense. And there was the beginning.

I didn’t have good results with AdSense as you might think, but it opened my eyes to the world of online business.

I looked here and there to learn what people are doing online. This is when I first knew the word “affiliate marketing”.

I remember when I promoted the first product as an affiliate in December 2007. I created a free Squidoo lens (this site is no longer live since it was acquired by Hubpages,) put a review of the product, and nothing else.

I went out on the product launch day, and when I returned home, I opened my account expecting to see the number ZERO laughing at me!!

But this didn’t happen I found $211 of sales in my account. Can you imagine my feelings at that moment?

You can’t compare it to anything even when you become a millionaire, this first sale is the one thing you’ll remember for life.

From there, I learned more and more, built many sites, achieved successes, and suffered more failures. Until the year 2013 when I reached my first 6-figure year.

This is when I knew the potential of digital marketing. Now after years from 2013, I decided to open this website to share my expertise with the world and to help entrepreneurs to build and grow their digital marketing businesses.

I have gone through hard times trying to find a reputable source of information to help me in my business especially when I was starting out, and I don’t want you to have these times.

On this site, I’ll teach you some applicable tips, tricks, and tactics in addition to my recommendations of the best products in the market while showing you the way to get the best results out of these products.

I hope I’ll help add a thing or two to your knowledge and help you make it online.



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